Sample Essay

The limitations which were faced while carrying out the research on this dissertation are listed below:

  • Different organizational structures and organizational behaviours
  • Intra-organizational homogeneity

  • Different cultural, social and academic values of the workers on site
  • Lack of resources or references while carrying out research for the safety culture of construction industry inHong Kong
  • Restrictions implemented due to the factor of manpower, money and time
  • Reluctance of employees and workers to reveal their company’s weak points due to the job security issue
  • Wrong interpretation of the commonly used processes and procedures in the safety culture of construction industry
  • Methods adopted by the management does not meet to the requirement set for the safety culture in construction industry inHong Kong
  • Limited research references on the behavioural change of the safety culture in the construction industry ofHong Kong

As discussed above, this section explains the basic understanding and main points of the whole dissertation. It includes the topics and points which would be answered in the further sections. It also explains the main research which would be carried out and the literature review. The objective, research questions and the significance of the study have already been mentioned which would be discussed with full details in the coming sections.

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