Sample Essay

There are several limitations which are faced by the core competence and sustainability of business. These limitations are many but some of the major limitations can be viewed as under:

  • Scarcity of the right management strategic plans in the company
  • Different organizational structures and organizational behaviors
  • Reluctance of the management in adopting the organizational changes which are brought forward for the customers interest and demands
  • Different cultural, capabilities, skills, regions, values and fields difference present in the organizations
  • Wrong interpretation of the results of commonly used procedures in the organization
  • Information provided by the managers does not meet or reflect the views and opinions of employees who are affected by the application of core competence in general
  • Good metrics and accurate reporting of the operations does not guarantee that the company is moving in the sustainable business format
  • Technology innovations may occur as a limitation to the old system of the business
  • Political and economic conditions or new policies introduced by the government may affect the business environment of the company and its financial conditions and could react as a limitation for the growth of the business
  • Functioning of legal framework and process, security of business environment and enforceability of contracts may affect the core competence and sustainability of business of the organization

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