Sample Essay

While compiling this report, several limitations have been faced which are related either to the corporate reasons or the academic reasons of the researcher. These limitations are listed as under:

  • The research carried out for this dissertation by the student (researcher) could be biased because of the qualitative data representative on the web as well as the information gathered by the interviewees
  • The information present on the countries, industries profile and web are several, hence the information displayed is limited because there are numerous and uncountable sources present, but all of them cannot be presented in this detailed dissertation
  • The information presented by the six (6) interviewees may vary because they are conducted from different countries and people have different views and opinions; and their opinions may vary from one another
  • The research carried out is not extensively complete

The research is carried out by a student, hence, the information may face conflicts by its lecturer or this assignment could be different from the point of view of the lecturer

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