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There are several limitations, gaps and barriers which are faced for waste management as listed below (Forester and Skinner, 1992, p204):

  • Several methods (2.7) of waste management mentioned above are highly expensive to be adopted by companies, lack of infrastructure, modern technology.

  • The applicability and implementation of certain waste management methods are difficult because of the environmental laws
  • The factor of feasibility and possibility of waste management is strictly constrained because of the distance to minor populations and marketplaces
  • Big risk of creating and generating more waste if the incorrect procedure or dimension is used
  • The gaps of quality in the product and services provided by companies and countries
  • Increased bureaucratic prices and costs involved along with the stranded investments because of the unanticipated political changes
  • Corruption, fraud, ignorance, lack of tolerance involved in the waste management implementations

For Example the data available for household waste clearly indicates that there is very less implementation of waste management (Recycling).

The figure shows the amount of household waste production and the amount of waste being recycled till the year 2007 since the year 1996 in the United Kingdom.

The limitations which were faced while collecting the above information are explained below:

a)      The information provided by different sources and websites collide at times, also the data available was not recent and updated due to lack of knowledge and awareness.  which took extra time to combine all and get the final desired authentic information from the reliable sources.

b)      Many referred books in this section were hard to find and consumed a lot of hard work to find and combine the information from all of them

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