Sample Essay

 The life cycle of Bioenergy collects and analyzes the whole system of processes involved in the input and output of the system of Bioenergy. The life cycle analyses the whole cycle of processes and procedures involved in the quantifying of climatic and environmental aspects involved in the Bioenergy.

The life cycle of Bioenergy includes the utilization of biomass which is compared to coal, nuclear, natural gas or other biomass materials and renewable stated above. The output or the emissions coming out because of burning the biomass in the projected plants of biomass contains less amount of carbon dioxide and other toxic gases which helps in reducing the environmental pollution as a whole. Other gases which are emitted in very less amounts in the cycle are known to be nitrogen oxide (NOx), carbon dioxide (CO2) and sulfur dioxide (SO2). Utilization of water, land and air resources are involved in the entire process of Bioenergy life-cycle which varied from the manufacturing or cultivation of biomass, collection process of biomass and then transferring this entire biomass to the energy.

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