We still have a chance to change the outcome, the separation did me good, I am now free, free from self pity and denial. I can no longer deny the fact that I am not good without you, nor can I overlook the fact that I am miserable. My love the plans we had were good, and I feel we have the potential to go far in our lives. The dreams that we shared are still in my heart, for they were pure and noble dreams, dreams we shared together, dreams of our future about our family, our children and our old days together.

                We can still have those dreams for we are meant to be together, honey please take me back in, I promise to help you achieve those dreams. Darling you know I am a hard worker, and I can provide for our every need, let me in, so that we can fulfill our dreams together. The dreams of achieving the best in our careers, and the dreams of raising our children, in our home, and the hopes of going to France, and the dreams of owning a home, and together decorating it in our favorite colors. Together darling we can do it, but we can’t be a family if we are apart, I cannot be with my son, far away, it just can’t work, my love I want to come back to you and our dreams, and fulfill the promises I made. ‘Love transcends the world and those in it, for it is sparked in the soul and that can never be lost.’ Jacob (2010).

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