Sample Essay

The legislations and policies set for the integrated waste management has a certain line of set rules and regulations according to which it makes sure to:

  • To ensure the implementation of  the Integrated Waste Management (IWM) policies and objectives, which support environment and human safety and security with the help of national policies

  • To make sure the adequate ad reasonable flow of waste management services which helps in the economic growth and development, along with the development of the urban infrastructure
  • To help the committee and community in implementing and controlling all waste management activities, along with the waste minimization which could consequently support the good governance and regulatory reform objectives

The sole objective and purpose of the legislation is to control the production and management of waste within the areas; and to make sure of giving a safe, secure and healthy environment to the citizens with socio-economic development and sustainability aspects. The legislative policy also wishes and aims to reduce the amount of waste being produced from various certain resources and to minimize the hazardous effects of waste on the human health, air and water quality of the surroundings. The surroundings cover everyone in the city such as, offices, residents, government departments, businesses, organizations, visitors, tourists, and even workers.

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