Sample Essay

Knowing the employee really helps the leader outline the areas where a team member or employee may be lacking and not achieving the goals and targets set by the organization or department. An employee who thinks the leader is not communicative or is more concerned about self interest, such employees may consider their compensation and feedback as unfair because the leader did not put enough effort in getting to know the employees (Branham, 2005)

For example, compared to a leader who is completely unaware of an employee’s problems will be less effective in getting the employee to do the work or help him in any way compared to a leader who is aware that the employee is facing a personal problem which is affecting his productivity. He will be able to show empathy for the employee and provide support to the employee with the result that the employee will feel cared for and will improve his performance. There can be something which is called ‘too much information’ ( Goulet & Goulet 2010)  however, employers are usually concerned with characteristics that are directly related to job performance therefore knowledge of these can be helpful to leaders in predicting job performance.

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