Sample Essay

The Wal-Mart Inc. is the largest retail company in the world th the international at operates above 6,000 stores inmarket (‘Wal-Mart Stores Inc. – Official Company Website’). The brand name of Wal-Mart is well known for low prices and availability of a comprehensive wide range of product categories and product lines under one roof.

The company runs operations in three business formats that pertain to super centres, discount stores and neighbourhood markets. The differences among the formats exits due to their product and service offering as well as the orientation and the target market of these stores.

The other large retailer that operates in the international market is CarrefourS.A.The company runs over 12,550 stores in the global retail market (‘CarrefourS.A.- Official Company Website’).Carrefour is well known in the retail industry as being in the category of the retailers. The company operates using direct and indirect channels of distribution.  The company has its operations organized into different business formats. These formats comprise of hypermarkets, hard discount stores, supermarkets, convenience stores as well as virtual super stores.

Tesco Plc is the company that runs the retail operations for Tesco. Tesco is identified for having the largest retail operations in the global retail market for consumer goods pertaining to grocery and food items. The company is based in United Kingdom and has 3,363 stores operating worldwide (‘Tesco Plc – Official Company Website’). Tesco also operates using multiple business and store formats. The store formats that are used by Tesco pertain to superstores, hypermarkets, extra and metro express.

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