Sample Essay

(Hodge 105) Overall, the KPMG Company employees are more than 123,000 professionals around the globe. These professionals are devoted to serve their client and client companies in individual industry segment, taking them to an enthusiastic appreciative understanding of industry-oriented business matters and new trends in the capital market.

KPMG delivers a set of comprehensive range professional of services:

  • Tax services
  • Audit services
  • Advisory services
    • Corporate finance
    • Forensics
    • IT advisory
    • Actuarial services
    • Restructuring
    • Business Performance Services
    •  Accounting Advisory Services
    • Internal audit services
    • Transaction services
    • Financial risk management services


(Waugh 252) The clients of KPMG consist of major internally known multinational organizations and KPMG serves them in large group of interests and sectors, such as; consulting, construction and real estate, energy sector, financial services, government and education, healthcare, restaurant chains and hotels, industrial products, media, mining, pharmaceutical, retail and consumer products, technology, telecoms and travel and transportations sector.

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