Sample Essay

“Putting a child up for adoption in the United States allows Korean parents to skirt around normal immigration procedures, a drawn-out process with no guarantee of approval.” (New Immigration Strategy: Koreans Send Children to America for Adoption)

“Today, a little over one million Korean-Americans live throughout the United States, representing one of the largest Asian-American populations in the country.” ( to the United States)

A study carried out by the Centre for Korean Education found that one in three Korean families give their children up for adoption to retired American couples. One such family is the Zio family. Chi Zio is a 14 year old girl who has recently arrived in Los Angeles from Seoul, South Korea. Her mother is a cosmetic surgeon in Seoul. She wanted her daughter to have an American education. According to her, the education system in South Korea will not help her daughter in securing a successful future.

Chi was unhappy with her mother’s decision to put her up for adoption. She could not understand why her mother was dissatisfied with her school. She could not contemplate living in the other end of the world without her little brother Chim and her mom, the only family she had ever known. However, she was aware that her mom had always wanted the best for her and Chim. After their father’s death, 10 years back she had worked day and night to give them the best of everything. Now, if she was asking her to move to this place called Los Angeles, Chi was sure she had good reason for it. Mrs. Zio, Chi’s mother, found an old Korean friend living in the States to help her arrange the adoption.

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