Sample Essay

Overall jobs carry different descriptions, but generally it will be the responsibility of each employee to take care that each order has been taken care of, served in time, fulfills customer need and causes customer no unsatisfactory experience. We need hire an Assistant manager, whose responsibility is to assist the Manager for managing and promoting the coffee shop, recruiting, training and motivating employees as well as taking care of day to day running and maintenance of the Café Abroad.

Serving boys (waiters), three-four, whose responsibilities include; serving customer order, cleaning tables when customers leave, collection of payments and return of receipts, carefully noticing what has been ordered and providing customers a friendly and convenient environment. One Cashier, responsible for collection and maintenance of payments. Two kitchen boys, who stays in the kitchen and prepares the coffee, they should be careful enough to maintain high orders of cleanliness and quality of order served in the shop. A security guard who is required to keep suspicious people out of the café and keep an eye on internal and external situations in addition to reporting the management about any noticeable unusual thing.

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