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Java Network Launching protocol (JNLP) client uses this service directly from servers JNLP is launched at client and server keeps the code itself and just with click clients gets the distribution of execution. Java web start is a platform that provides this ability to for applications using java platform to be developed in a way that they could be executed directly from the internet.

Unlike Java applets, Web Start applications do not run inside the browser, and the sandbox in which they run does not have to be as restricted, although this can be configured. One chief advantage of Web Start over applets is that they overcome many compatibility problems with browsers’ Java plug-in and different JVM versions. On the other hand, Web Start programs cannot communicate with the browser as easily as applets (Java Web Start).

With other program specific parameters JNLP files have information about the location of jar files and name of the main class for an application, when accessed by a proper configures browser these files are passes to Java Runtime Environment and it the passes this information to the client’s machine which in turns starts to execute it. JNLP is in XML format and specify the launch of Java Web Start Applications.

When starting server based application any of the mentioned techniques could be employed depending on the technology.

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