Sample Essay

Java code, according to the operating system and hardware used to executes itself. Applets are the most popular form of java applications. An applet is that application which is embedded with a web page and introduces interactive capabilities in it. These capabilities include online transaction processing, animations, games and a lot more web based applications. Other strong capability of java is its feature of generating safe applications, when java code resides on different machines and used by different users there arises a question of preventing applications to perform illegal activities, as program written  by any one having wrong intents could destroy computer systems.

So for the safety of system and data stored, when a user accesses web page with java code embedded in it, its controlled execution is required which means it will prevent accidental damage to your computer, java implicitly addresses this issue. In addition to applets, web based java features include Java Server Pages (JSP) that enables dynamic generation of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) contents for a client customized to its request. These JSP pages themselves have Applets to maximize functionality. Java allows a programmer to write large scale applications, these large scale applications could run on an operating system environment with is java supported. Another capability that these programs have is that one program could work both as ordinary application and as applets. Over the period of time the java language has matured significantly with enhancement in the core functionality of its features and capabilities of building applications with Graphical User Interface (GUI),image processing, Graphics Programming, capabilities to access Relational databases (RDBMS) and ability to make network applications designed to work on remote machines and  XML (Extensible markup Language) support.

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