Sample Essay

The book by James T Adam basically discusses how early British colonies were established in what later came to be known as New England and ho Puritans came about to the newly discovered land which was abode to the Red Indians.

The Puritans had become dissatisfied with the norms of the church those days and thus worked to bring about social and religious reforms and were of the view that the Church of England had become a victim of political concerns and issues not much relevant to the faith. A leader of such reform, John Calvin and many of the followers paved way to a rise of Protestantism. After having faced problems arising with such a reform they moved to America.

Thus, with their ongoing struggle the Puritans eked out their existence starting form 1560’s and today are thought to have started a number of famous rituals and way of life that have taken great leaps in their journey till date. Anti Puritan feeling had prevailed in England during their reform while in North America it’s acceptance flourished after the time of Jonathan Edwards. An example is of Michelangelo’s different color frescos of the Sistene Chapel, thus revamping the image of the Puritans (Connole, 2004)

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