Sample Essay

Organizations not opting for ITSM will have high invisible costs in the form of multiple structures and processes to understand business processes (Bittinger), their requirements, development of services, and understanding the overheads involved and how to efficiently deal with them. In such cases, management of such projects requires specialized skills requiring experts from outside the company, to save training costs, thereby resulting in increased outsourcing costs.

Secondly, since the organization acquires services from other companies to understand the requirements of their business, they are often unaware of the costs required to get the job done, the processes and the scope of the project, they would be relying on a failed relationship from the start, owing to unreasonable expectations. Thirdly, opting for such a project but failing to receive commitment, willingness to succeed and perseverance could result in dissatisfaction, often resistance to such an initiative. Failure to start process improvement could result in high incidence resolution costs, reduced productivity of resources over time, increasing service cycle times and a high risk environment.

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