Sample Essay

Organizations employing resources to implement ITIL in their organizations through exhaustive training, planning, budgeting, mobilizing of resources and support often fail to address the issues related to the incorporation of ITSM principles and processes in the organization’s IT services department. A number of reasons can be attributed to this failure:

  1. The primary focus of ITIL is to align the operations and processes, ensuring appropriate governance and implementation of the policies to benefit the IT infrastructure from the available resources. However, ITIL v3 provides very little coverage of the management of services, limited only to the IT function of the organization, contributing to a vague representation of services management within the ITIL infrastructure.
  2. ITSM, although part of the IT infrastructure in the organization, is not limited to it. The prime purpose of ITSM is to leverage from the current infrastructure and resources available in the organization, employ them to the best of their use and facilitate the entire organization, adding value to the achievement of business objectives. Hence, ITSM’s main goal is to leverage from the effectiveness of the processes defined, once an ITIL implementation has been performed.
  3. ITIL focuses on the continuous improvement of processes specifically addressed to services management. Although highly beneficial, this can sometimes result in voluntary ignorance of the changing business requirements of the organization, concentrating towards the improvement of the IT infrastructure only. ITSM, on the other hand, allows for the IT services department to align itself with the current and changing business practices, permitting room for improvement, ultimately facilitating both the people and organization involved.

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