Sample Essay

An ITIL implementation sets a framework, useful for a business targeting to improve its governance over information technology processes. Once this is done, the benefits from a successful ITIL implementation are derived through ITSM, in the form of improved services rendered to customers, internal and external to the organization. Hence, ITSM provides a scorecard that effectively determines the scale of success in an ITIL implementation.

It is a common myth for any company that getting the best of the breed or delivering high training to personnel leads to a successful ITIL implementation. In the end, ITIL is only a set of artifacts prescribing how the IT infrastructure of an organization can be tailor-made to the needs of an organization. Unless implemented in such a manner that ITIL ultimately results in alleviated achievement of the organizational goals in delivering value to its customers, through goods and especially services, success of an implementation cannot be ensured by collecting the best resources in the business.


target of a successful ITIL implementation in an organization is an improved ability in governance of its information technology processes. This in turn amplifies the overall ability of an organization to serve its customers, hence redefining the term ‘service’ in the context and magnitude of the organization. ITSM, hence, using ITIL a stepping stone, utilizes the framework to its best, to create a benchmark for providing services, a large and contributing factor in IT departments and divisions of an organization.

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