Sample Essay

ITSM is typically comprised of two sets of processes (RL Consulting LLC):

  1. Service Delivery – These are the core processes that determine how the actual IT services are provided in the function of the organization. There are four sub-processes that form part of the delivery of services in the ITSM infrastructure:
    1. Service Level Management
    2. Availability Management
    3. Capacity Management
    4. Financial Management
  2. Service Support – These processes serve as background functions aimed at ensuring that the core functions of service delivery stay in place, operational and appropriately and timely addressed to suit the needs of the organizational unit, undergoing IT services management transformation. Eight sub-processes assist in supporting the service delivery processes in the ITSM framework:
    1. Incident Management
    2. Change Management
    3. Problem Management
    4. Release Management
    5. Configuration Management
    6. Performance Management
    7. Service Desk
    8. Service Continuity

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