Sample Essay

Issues are basically the problems and hindrances which could occur while carrying out a task and while living a professional or normal life. Issues are the normal problems which anyone can face in daily life or work routine (Adams,Bell,Griffin; 2007, p42).

Sociology of work revolves around the collaboration, interaction and cooperation of people as teamwork or organization within the industry or organizational environment. In general, the term refers to the paid employment of individuals and professionals. (Grint, 2005, p6). On the other hand, sociology of occupations involves the behaviors and attitudes of individuals and professional towards work as they have altered and changed traditionally, and also varies between the cooperative members of different occupational groups, communities and people of diverse political orientation (Dunkerley, 1975, p7).

Canadais a fascinating homeland with enormous working and occupational vacancies and opportunities, which is also known for providing many working chances for the job seeking or business oriented companies to set up their operations. This is because the resources available inCanadaare many, and it needs people to work and polish their working capabilities and skills.

The professional working environment inCanadahas given rise to many workaholics which show statistically that workaholics and their fundamental devotion are losing the office freedom very swiftly to an entirely new strain dedicated to the principle of work-life stability. According to the Canadian statistics, the average period of working recorded was 36.5 hours per week in 2006, which declined from 38.6 hours per week thirty years back. These statistics are recorded from the full time and part time employment oriented workers (Duffy, 2008).

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