Sample Essay

An important matter in public school funding is that a significant percentage is supplied by local taxes and only the rest is by state taxes. This means that state control over the public schools is less but it also means more experimentation and problems can be controlled within one area. Because traditionally public school funding is financed through property taxes it means that public schools in states with lesser property tax are at a disadvantage. It also means that decreasing property value has an impact on funding available to schools. The state, because of these concerns, already provides a large percentage of the funding but it needs to do more, and the question is, can it? To quote a research by a Cleveland-based Center for Community Solutions, a liberal group, “the state provides 45 percent of the money for primary and secondary schools and raising it to 57 percent would cost up to $5.3 billion a year more and almost certainly require a tax increase.’

An issue of importance is that charter schools who are attempting to fill in the gap left by public schools are receiving less funding then public schools. Charter schools receive only 48-56% of the funding that public schools receive. Students with the same socio-economic background and requirements are being treated separately. This lack of funding means that charter schools have to make some difficult decision at times. Conflicting viewpoints about Charter schools are present which are privately run but publicly funded. Some say that they draw too many funds but do not keep to the same standards. However studies inOhiohave shown that the ratings given to charter schools have shown continuous improvement, so they should at least be given funding equal to that of public schools.

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