Sample Essay

Recent legislation has brought the issue of domestic violence into the limelight and this is a positive change towards reducing violence towards women. However laws and legislations can rarely make differences unless they are accompanied by a shift in the systems imposing those laws and regulations. For example medical experts tend to be lenient with abusers and record the victim’s injuries as less serious then they actually are. This means that abuser get away without any serious charges being bought against them. (Walter,Lynn. “Peru: Women and Violence) In addition to all this there is a great deal of bureaucratic red-tape which makes it painful and complicated for women to even get through the process of filing the complaint.

For example the job of getting the summons to the man who has been charged is left to the victim. In addition in Peruvian Law there is a requirement that in case of domestic violence the couple has to go through conciliation sessions ( Walter,Lynn. “Peru: Women and Violence). This process means that the abused woman is under a lot of pressure to go back to the man who has abused her. In some cases women have reported very callous and also abusive attitude from police officers, who appear to be reluctant to lodge complaints. (Walter,Lynn. “Peru: Women and Violence )All of this makes it extremely painful for women to report cases of domestic violence and rape because medical examiners and expert and law enforcement authorities appear to be inclined to downplay or ignore what has happened to them.( Walter,Lynn. “Peru: Women and Violence)

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