Sample Essay

A major issue is that native-Canadians believe that the focus should be taken off immigrants and that they took too many immigrants as it is. A recent study revealed that 45% of Canadians living inAlbertabelieve that no more immigrants should be taken in. Education will help immigrants integrate better into Canadian community.

The rise of radical Islamic extremists in Islam gives us an excellent example of such a situation. Education has been proven by many researches to have a positive co-relation to income. Keeping this in mind new immigrants could play a very important part in Canadian society, for example contributing to the increased requirement for taxes that will be felt when the payments for the full pension plans of the baby boomer generation start. The Canadian government has also realized the need for a labor force. In the Budget 2006 the government has made a great deal of more investment in integration an important part of which is providing immigrants with greater educational opportunity. This is all a part of a budget plan which tends to cut down on taxes forCanada. The plan is to increase income and let the economy grow by allowing more labor and improving the quality of the labor. As a political science Canadian student whose parents were immigrants toCanadasays:

‘The government should use some of its surplus monies to invest in educational opportunities and programs specifically designed for immigrants. Without support and the tools to succeed, how can new Canadians contribute to Albertan society? One of the most important tools that an immigrant can be given, for example, is that of language. Without English reading, writing and verbal skills, new immigrants are hard-pressed to integrate into or function inAlberta.’

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