Sample Essay

Islam is a religion of having faith in the oneness of God, finality of Prophet-hood, following the code of conduct according to the principles mentioned in the Holy Book  and practicing the preaching of Holy Prophet. Islam emphasizes on building individual characters in an exemplary way so that a foundation of an ideal society could be laid. All Muslims have been ordered by their God Almighty to follow instructions prescribed in their Holy Book Quran, the purpose of this guidance is to lay down a way of life in which the laws mentioned in the book regulates a men’s relationship with other men and with his God.

It provides a guideline for a man to maintain his social life along with his communion with the God. It indicates to a Muslim in his quest for knowledge, principle that enhances his capability to observe universe and nature with more understanding. Quran is not a book of science; it’s basically a book that deals with the basic principles of human life it preaches belief in oneness, immateriality, absolute power of the creator, charity for needy, brotherhood among mankind, subjugation of passions, the concept of accountability of human actions in the life after death, a system that teaches men  to be grateful to all those who help and development of a sense of social consciousness by carefully performing those actions that are sensible and right and avoiding those that are forbidden and harmful for self and others.

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