Sample Essay

As marketers increasingly targeted their marketing efforts to specific target groups like Asians, Hispanic, and other ethnic minority groups, it has become a marketing debate that whether this practice is ethical. Target marketing is one of the vital tools of marketing, which includes market segmentation on the basis of demographic, geographic, and psychographic characteristics of consumers.

As marketers start directing their promotion campaigns to specific consumer groups on the basis of age, sex, ethnicity, income , and life styles, so that they can use this information to locate the specific group of people in society who are existing or potential consumers of the company. The question marketing critics often raise is the ethical aspect of this strategy. My position on this debate favour the argument that targeting minorities is a sound business and it supports the promotion activities of the products suited the lifestyles and needs of this group.

As marketing activities target rational and independent individuals and groups to provide them necessary information to facilitate consumer who is free to make own decision. As far as targeting minorities is exploitive, so as each form of target marketing is exploitive because it exploits the needs, wants, and the gaps present in the segments of society.

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