Sample Essay

A transformation of the recycling psyches has been experienced around the globe in past three decades, to averse the risk of depletion of planet’s resources. Recycling possesses many benefits as it is good for economy, helps to reduce waste, generates a sustainable environment, and an effective way of energy saving.

U.S consumers are enjoying one of the highest consumption of disposable items, every year they amount to over 80 billions aluminum cans, 2.5 million plastic bottles, and 8 billion paper cups. Out of which over 50 % of cans produced are recycled with 80 % of Americans have access to a plastics recycling program (Freeman & Charles 2007, 313). proximately 3 billion coffee cups are sent to the landfill each year. Once recycling was considered in high involvement activity category, individuals start thinking about the simplest recycling steps.

A possible solution is reverse recycling vending machine, a device that accepts empty plastic, paper, and glass containers and returns money to the user, a reverse action of normal vending cycle. The places that have mandatory recycling laws like inUSAandEurope, these machines are gaining popularity.

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