Sample Essay

Every organization has individuals with different levels of qualities and competencies. Working for an organization today requires engaging in behaviors that result in healthy competition, adaptability, enforcement of attitudes and openness to change.  These are some of the attributes that lead to success in any organization.

Isabel Stewart, a partner at a reputed law firm, has been very successful in her personal and professional life. She has been at the top of her game, one of the youngest to be made partner of the firm, excelling in tax subjects at every level as well as bringing new business to the company. She is effective at maintaining relationships with the clients at the professional level and has the frameset of ‘sticking to her own ‘business.’

Despite of her successful career, a hefty pay, and a set of remarkable achievements, Steward is still not satisfied. Her job dissatisfaction is based on a number of reasons, resulting in the exhibition of certain behaviors that form the core of this case study.

This case study outlines how an individual so brilliant like Isabel made it to Austin & March, reached to the top, working for a firm where preferences based on gender are high, her opinion in this context, how she perceives competition, and the factors that form critical facets in her performance while being with the organization.

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