Sample Essay

Human Resource Management is a constantly evolving and developing field. The concept of human resource development has come a long way from when it was believed that human resource management was nothing more then hiring and firing the organization’s personnel. Organizations today realize the importance of recognizing the individuality and diversity of employees and creating an environment which attracts qualified and motivated individuals to the organization which are so essential for its success.9Lorenz, Wilkinson 2003) An integrated and contingent approach is extremely important to find solutions in the diverse and constantly changing environment in which organization’s today function.

An integrated and contingent approach would be one covering a variety of concepts in human resources theory and not only linking them together but developing a closer connection between theory and practice. It would also involve being more sensitivity to the changing environment and to be more proactive rather than reactive in the organization’s policy towards human resources.  Infact in the words of David Bishop senior adviser at KPMG pointed out:

‘The examples of good practice show that there is no single right answer. Each organization will work out what is material to its own circumstances, and will be stronger for doing so’.

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