Sample Essay

Computer software written for the purpose of managing data bases is being termed as database management system. The activity for which it is being designed includes organization, storage, retrieval and management of data stored in the given database.

A database management system uses a data modeling language that describes the scheme of data to be stored and it has to be in accordance with the data model being used by that database. The popular data models are hierarchical, network, relational and network data model out of which relational data model is most widely used. This model has been introduced by E.F.Codd in 1970 and is the building block of most widely used commercial and open source databases available. The scheme it used is that data is stored in the form of tables and relationship among data is also stored in similar tables. DB2, mySQL, Sybase, Ingres, Oracle, Informix, IMS, Foxpro, SQL Server, Gemstone, Objectivity/DB, Versant etc are the popular databases used worldwide. With the use of database management system a corporate could enhance the use of its strategic data.

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