Sample Essay

The Real Chocolate Company, Inc. was founded in 1981 by Sara Smith in Kingstown,Colorado. The company established in 1982 and is headquartered in Kingstown,Colorado. The company produces a variety of gourmet chocolate and other sweets. As of March 31, 2007 there were 5 company-owned and 316 franchised stores acrossUSA,CanadaandGuam. The company employs about 235 people. In June, 2005 it was identified as America’s 100 fastest growing small public companies.

The company established self-owned and franchised stores in three primary areas: Factory Outlet malls, tourist areas, and regional malls. The other locations are street fronts, airports, and other entertainment-oriented sites. The company has recently been focused on factory Outlet shopping malls due to its high passage, good occupant blend, buyer spending and cost behaviors(Woloson, 2002, 58-99)..
The company produces about 250 varieties of chocolates and other products, including nut clusters, fudge, caramel-covered apples, butter creams, toffee, coins, and truffles. Approximately 50% sales are on products made on-site. The preparation is open to the public, which creates a special atmosphere and ambience of the store. Company also sells product through wholesaling, fundraising, corporate sales, mail order, and the Internet.

Company’s current revenues come from three sources: sales to franchisees, sales at company-owned stores, and through collection of franchise fees and royalty charges from Franchise.

The mission of Real Chocolate Company is to use only the finest, highest quality ingredients and no artificial preservatives. Its slogan is “Perfection in Handmade Gourmet Chocolates.” The company believe this, along with its standing for eminence, selection, and flavor of products, special environment of the stores, store site selection criteria, proficiency in the manufacture and produce of chocolate candy products, and high-quality consumer service, provide the company with a viable benefit(Sackman, 2005, 85-214)..

Real company’s goal is to build the Company into the premier retail chocolate manufacturer in theUnited States. Complete redesigning of stores, product packaging, and use of latest information technology resources will enhance the company’s profitability as well as market position.

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