Sample Essay

Our company ABC Incorporation is a multi-oriented organization which looks after many multi-operations. We deal in providing house-hold accessories to several customers. The main focus of ABC Inc. is to deal with regular customer base, we usually have customer interaction most of the times and we also promote our products via retailers where we showcased our products in their showrooms and provide these retailers amusing discounts to sale our products through their showrooms.

Recently, we are in great need to have software which could help ABC Inc. in tracking its revenue transactions and the payouts to be made to the retailers, carriers, and the third parties involved. This need was felt with the great increase in the daily and monthly business transactions of ABC Incorporation. Previously, all of the transactions were done manually or with a small contribution of the computer systems and Microsoft Excel files, but it has created many system errors and misunderstandings since at times, the transactions are not registered manually on time, the paper files get lost, there is a lot of vulnerabilities for the security of the data present in manual files, and any sort of data could also be misplaced during the completion of the transactions.

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