Sample Essay

Bioenergy is of mutual interest for both the developed and under developed countries because of it has the attention gravity for modern societies and because of its potential relationship with the development of all stages and strategies for every country existing in the world. this is because Bioenergy provides the world with modern utilization methods of energy and consumption of energy to all stages of development, and contains the modern infrastructure and technologies which are compatible and are already holds the strong perception and acceptance from not only the public sector but from the government sector as well.

With the help of Bioenergy, the needs for commercial, environmental, technical, social and political requirements could be fulfilled with ease. Bioenergy contributes to the global sustainability with respects to environmental and energy systems. This helps in maximizing the revenue generation and also the return on investments. But it has been verified and recognized that the extreme use of Bioenergy products and technologies around the globe could result in being crucial and significant in order to minimize the overall expenditure of minimizing carbon emission. It is because Bioenergy is directly proportional and related to agricultural, energy forestry and environmental matters. All these factors of energy forestry, environment, agricultural and energy contributes directly in the process to re-determine and revolution the use of Bioenergy in industry oriented nations who have their proper access on the natural and human made resource available country-wide (Sims 38).

This is a proven fact and figure that Bioenergy directly contributes in creating the possibility to tie together the sources of domestic, low-carbon oriented, rural-based, subtle sustained energy source not only in the developing countries but also in the industrialization sector as well.

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