Sample Essay

A normal pattern that has been observed among hackers is their quest for internal satisfaction and this intrinsic motivation drive them strongly to put their days and nights for the fulfillment of it. They want an inner satisfaction of doing something and staying hidden from the rest of the world.

This inner satisfaction could be targeted for driving just fun out of a certain activity and very less any external reward is attached to it. Also another aspect of intrinsic motive could be an individual belonging to a group that has inclination of performing some illegal activities. These groups may have political reasons as well as motives to be identified as terrorists.  It could be a case that hacker himself is not interested in the activity but just because he is been attached to this certain group has to act according to their norms.

Some of the hackers want both the inner satisfaction of having the feeling that they want to do anything they like without being getting to be noticed as well as the material gain they could get out of the entire activity.

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