Sample Essay

(Kreith, Goswami; p323, 2007) Hybrid Ford Explorer is one of Ford’s best selling SUV’s. This model is known for its best providing gas mileage and promises 50% fuel usage improvement. Ford Explorer helps to maintain safe environment and less pollution because the amount of gases released is way less than gasoline vehicles.

They do contribute to the green house effect but it is very less in quantity as compared to the gasoline vehicles. Hybrid Ford Explorer are said to be the most reliable and eco-friendly to use as compared to the gasoline vehicles. They are more expensive than the gasoline vehicles because they have more technologies to protect the environment. This is the reason that hybrid vehicles are often not readily available and the purchaser has to wait for several weeks or a couple of months after ordering a hybrid vehicle, and the price of any hybrid vehicle could be equivalent to that of a biodiesel vehicle. The range of hybrid vehicles has widened tremendously; such as, heavy vehicles, light vehicles, commercial vehicles, road transport, air transport, ships and rail transports also makes use of hybrid technologies (Ehsani 211).

(Kreith, Goswami; p323, 2007) At present, hybrid vehicles contain greater fuel economy and the fuel is also readily available in the nearby gas stations because of the popularity of them. Hybrid vehicles help in improving the environmental conditions by reducing the release of toxic gases in the air. However, the production of hybrid vehicles may be considered pollution-oriented because of the fumes produced while the manufacturing of hybrid batteries. The acidic materials which power the batteries are very dangerous and poisonous in nature, and cause land and water pollution when released into water and land for waste management. 

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