Sample Essay

(Dixon, Porche, Kulick, Rand 4) Gasoline vehicles are most common in the world because they are economically viable and readily available as fuel is accessible in nearby gas stations. Companies have developed technologies using gasoline powered vehicles.

However, gasoline adds pollution due to emission of green house gases. 30% of the total green house gases released is due to the gasoline based transportation, resulting in global warming. MTBE present in gasoline emission is a cancer agent; and they are also harmful for the pregnant ladies because it could cause childbirth diseases and complications.

Fuel extraction for gasoline has affected the ozone layer, climatic conditions, and has destructed rainforests. Manufacturing of gasoline vehicles is equivalent to biodiesel vehicles, as production of these vehicles is the most minimum environmentally destructive for automotive industry. This is because production of any automobile consumes a lot of energy which releases pollution in the air; for example, burning of coal and furnaces, toxic fumes released by painting procedure, energy released for molding and melting of metals or plastic, and many others. Many automobile manufacturing organizations have worked together to reduce the effects of gasoline pollution and they have succeeded in creating environmental safe gasoline vehicles by using modern technologies. These companies have also made fuel efficient vehicles which consume less gasoline fuel and releases less amount of toxic gases in the air, which helps in reducing the pollution to high extents (Zhao 35-113).

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