Internet has been the buzzword for the people around the world in the last decade. It is factual that everyone likes to do most of their activities in the most easiest and flexible way possible. Ease and Flexibility is what Internet has provided to the mankind irrespective of profession or leisure based activity. Today internet is widely used by the business world for conducting their daily chores and by individuals to interact, learn and relax. Almost everything can be done online even if it is not in its true physical sense.

There is absolutely no doubt in the authors mind that Internet does provide a lot of convenience to the society but is that all. For example, The Internet gives people a voice. Chat rooms on the Internet are beginning to replace pubs and communal meeting places. This sphere, as described by Habermas, was strictly a “bourgeois” public sphere. Habermas (1962/1989). The possibility for multiple public spheres is relevant here, given the large number of people who use the Internet. The spheres allow for multiple publics, with different interests. One common refrain is that the Internet has the potential to form a public sphere or to assist the public sphere

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