Sample Essay

Since the Internet protocol suit was designed for the use of researchers in universities and in labs, the users were trusted parties and thus there are many vulnerabilities in the protocol suits that is being exploited by the hackers. Many different types of threats to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of electronically-stored information all exist and suitable security measures are necessary to mitigate them. A lot of hacking results because of young kids intruding systems and resources for fun.

Some of these hackers write malicious scripts and upload them over the web where naïve users mistakenly use them and unskilled users can download them as a part of online resources or tools and face the consequences. There are very few universities, military and other organizations which have employed methods to cater these network security threats and thus hackers have a wide field to play and operating system and protocols have many short comings that can be easily instrumentated. These hackers have different motives behind their actions ranging from inner satisfaction to material gains. Large corporate organization and telecommunication networks are the target of these activists. Industries should employ tools and techniques to minimize risks their data bases and corporate information faces. Government intervention for policies and penalties is required to be accepted world wide.

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