Sample Essay

As considered above, qualitative analysis preserves the benefits of academic research. Whereas, quantitative content investigation is particularly significant when searching to generalize results. While, case study analysis does not require subjective and explanatory methods and facts only. But quantitative facts and its investigation can add to the general picture in case study research.

Moreover, the blend of qualitative and quantitative research is being increasingly used in case study analysis .using a combination of both qualitative and quantitative methods is  termed as triangulation or cross-examination to get more legitimate outcomes.  Especially the blend of qualitative   and quantitative methods can be used to achieve greater depths and general outlook of the area under study (Diekmann 2003, p.18).

The researchers in social and business areas have tried to share the benefits of qualitative and quantitative methods as complementary approaches to each other, rather than treated them as two competitive frame works this fact has led to the use of blended procedure programs and the use of integrated approaches (Bryman, 2004, pp.454). Moreover, the development of qualitative research methods displayed outstanding improvements and outcomes; therefore they assist the researchers to gain more acceptances not only in the area of sociology but also in business and behavioral sciences.

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