Sample Essay

Tehran,Iran’s capital, is the biggest city inIranwith a huge population.Isfahanon the other hand is a smaller city with a population of just 500,000. Tehran and Isfahan are poles apart in matters of culture and architecture.Tehranis growing rapidly turning into a industrialized society with all the joys and pains that technological advancements brings to our lives.Isfahanis smaller and technologically backward but with a beauty and charm of its own. Tradition has held its own inIsfahan, butTehranis becoming more and more culturally diverse.

Tehran’s architectural structure has totally changed because of massive population pressure. Nowadays there are no villas to be seen but large multi story complexes. In addition, a number of shopping malls have sprung up and are becoming increasingly popular with the people. Another important factor to note in Tehran’s changing environment is that massive immigrant inflow which has made for a mix of people from various cultural backgrounds . Unfortunately this has also meant that people are leaving behind their traditional roots. A personal example of this is that when I was younger on special occasions such as the New Year people used to go to each others houses to meet but now just people call each other or just send a SMS saying “Happy New Year”.

The infrastructure of the city is growing. Because of serious traffic jams most people prefer to use the metro. However the metro is still limited in its reach.  There are two airports one is ‘MehrabadAirport’ located within the city and dealing with inbound flights and the other is ‘ImamKhomeiniAirport’ which is outside the city and handles overseas flights. Metros do not cover the 100 km distance from the city to the ‘ImamKhomeiniAirport’. Another double-edged sword involving growth has been the boom in the number of factories inTehran. They provide employment to many ofTehran’s populace but are responsible for environmental degradation. Tehran is a rapidly growing multi-cultural city with the infrastructure still catching up.

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