Sample Essay

Both of the categorical and situational metaphors provide a different overview of the process of treating information in a rather mechanical, controlled fashion. Information has a far different role than this. At this very point, it would be useful to argue that as a matter of fact, information is a highly uncontrollable entity that has to be handled using a variety of methods. Information itself is uncontrollable; however, measures to control it are put in place to ensure integrity, timeliness and accuracy with which it is presented. Secondly, information is highly random in nature. It does not follow specific sequences or order in which it is received, processed and stored. Although processes are defined to make the flow of information as mechanical as possible, from various component parts of the organization, the actual nature of information is highly dynamic, consistently redefining in wake of new business horizons, information requirements, and the changing global outlook.

Another metaphor for the treatment of information is highly interesting and poses a new set of challenges to the interpretation, treatment and visibility of information across different part of business, inside and outside to the organization. It is the metaphor of information as money, and focuses on the importance of this aspect of information, that is usually left unturned. Information, at any point of the organization, is very useful in determining the economic, political, environmental and other aspects of an organization’s performance in the region in which it operates. While some may view information as an entity solely internal to the organization, my personal view of information is one which comes both the external and the internal environments surrounding the organization. The IT infrastructure may receive information from various touch points of the organization; it has to be managed as an entity that is central to the operations of the organization and to ensure its competitiveness in its outreach across various parts of the globe.

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