Sample Essay

The aspect of staff training and development in the Information Technology is very important for education sector because it ensures the effective use of IT and the ability to use it properly (NHS 33). The implementation of any policy in the organizational or educational environment relies on the effective plan of its staff development and training in the IT sector.

Preparing teachers and instructors to collaborate with IT is very crucial for any technology plan. Staff training and development helps the teaching system in making sure that the teachers are competitive and trusted enough to be in touch with the secure and sensitive surroundings of the IT infrastructure for teaching their students. Trainings can be provided to the teachers for better understanding through face-to-face, user-guides and online trainings. It would help the staff in developing their skills and knowledge in the IT sector, while helping the teaching system to improve its performance and growth with its well-trained teachers’ help and man-power. Nonetheless, the system would also be able to enhance its leading management practices, processes and well-trained staff by following the best practices of development and staff trainings (OTA 211).

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