Sample Essay

This is the information age. Absolutely anything can be found, researched or looked up in a matter of minutes, thanks to the breakthrough technological advancements of today. Although it took almost 25 years in the making, this technology revolution changed the way we perceived our systems and information to be. Almost every transaction, business or personal that we perform in our daily lives, is recorded and processed using systems ranging from POS systems to ATMs to accounting, billing and processing, to insurance and banking.

These systems have integrated themselves in almost each and every sector of business in which activities / active trade are carried out. While there are small office automation software applications to carry out basic mathematical calculations (Alter 1999), there also exist huge enterprise systems spanning across continents, governing the operations of the entire organization, from purchase orders and requisitions for small office items, to integration with the travel management applications of airlines to automatically book flights, to processing all the financial information, and provide prediction based on the previous transactional history.

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