Sample Essay

Information Systems design and development today involves the use of various different methods and approaches, based on how each fits in the information system development task at hand as well as the operational and the information structure of the organization. Use of these approaches is better than using any approach at all, since it eases the task of an organization to develop a new process (Thompson), gaining acceptance in the organization, modifying it with changing business requirements, and using it to develop applications that fit into the business scenario of the organization using the process.

For this paper, I chose SSADM as the preferred approach for information systems design. SSADM (Structured Systems Analysis and Design Methodology) (Hutchings, 1996) is a methodology used in the analysis and design stages of systems development. SSADM has not been designed to handle issues related to Strategic Information Technology Planning (SITP) (MSc-IT 2007) and does not cover any issues / concerns related to the construction, testing and the implementation of software. SSADM was produced for the CCTA, aUKgovernment office concerned with the use of technology in government, from 1980 onwards. SSADM provides a mix of both approaches, which requires involving human and environmental variables making use of the technological and engineering resources. The reason for using SSADM in solving this case is due to its free availability, ease of use, ease of modification and adaptation, as well as various other reasons.

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