Sample Essay

Futurist 44) The increase in the world population and their demands has also affected the ratio of Bioenergy demands which has widened according to the increase in the population around the globe. To meet the global demand of Bioenergy, extra land is required in which crops would be cultivated in order to meet the Bioenergy demand besides the human land and food crops demand, because food is the basic necessity for every human and nobody would allow to use the needed amount of food to be used for the production of Bioenergy.

It would highly affect the food demands and would result in hunger, and malnutrition of human body food demand. If observed on global basis, there is enough land and water to cultivate and grow the crops and produce bio-mass through which large amount f Bioenergy could be produced. However, shortages and certain limitations are faced by the land and water reservoirs on regional basis which are not properly planned or cannot be provide because of shortage of resources available. Bioenergy affects the food productivity and security in both negative and positive ways, so mutual reaction has been seen by different governing bodies and countries where some communities are in favor of Bioenergy while some are against the massive production of Bioenergy because of some of the negative factors it perceives. If on one hand, it would provide shortage and uncertainty from the food and crops fields, then the other side is seen very bright where a lot of productivity, development and introduction of numerous job opportunities is being observed in the rural areas. If designed properly, the Bioenergy global demands would pave ways for the farmers in the rural areas and would improve their lifestyle and income ratio (Rosillo-Calle, Hemstock, Groot, Woods 9).

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