Sample Essay

(CoUS, 1989, p52) Producing and manufacturing products and goods is the need of daily human routine. Different sort of products are required by people belonging to different fields, departments, organizations, governments, countries and lifestyles. Thus, that is why industries manufacture products and goods so that people and organizations could make good use of it.

But, consequently it results in producing hazardous waste at the end of the day. This waste is highly not required and unwelcome from everywhere because it has no further use and no recycling process through which it could be made useful in any respect. This is the reason why waste management is used so that proper procedure could be followed through which the produced trash could be collected, treated, handled and disposed off in the right manner. Waste management is very crucial and important to the environment of the planet and health of people because it could cause harm to the people and could give birth to many new germ and bacteria which could result in a very hazardous manner to the ecosystem.

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