Sample Essay

(Hammel, Prahalad; 1996) This study is of great importance for the business purpose and has been conducted in order to understand the basic impact of core competence and sustainability of business. It is very important to understand what is the factor and significance of core competencies and sustainability of business. According to the observations of Rainey (2006), core competence is very critical in the success factor of any business, because it can be stated as the foundation of a business on which the strategies, rules and regulations and plans are made to develop the total performance and revenue generation of the business.

Same is the case with the sustainability of the business because it helps in smooth operation of the business and high growth of the business expectations as well as the overall performance of it. The importance of core competence and sustainability of business would be highlighted in this dissertation because it let the reader know what the exact standing of both is when it comes in aspects of business growth and expenditure. Core competence and business sustainability is of crucial importance to the global business society. Both helps in the smooth future growth and strengthen powerful capabilities of the business environment and characteristics. Sustainability and core competence of business helps in determining the exact position of the company and examines where and when the core competence exists not only within the organization but also outside the corporate environment of the company.

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