Sample Essay

As discussed earlier in the paper the Quran is absolutely essential to the faith of the Muslim’s. It consists of a variety of tenets that are meant to guide the Muslim’s in all aspects of their lives. Sura 17 does the same. Amongst other teachings and tools it uses the tool of historical antecedent to remind the readers now and then that disobeying God carries a severe penalty.

To understand fully the importance of the Quran and this Sura it is very essential to draw a brief picture of the times in which the Sura was formulated. The Arab society consisted of mostly Bedouin tribes, who lived with a code and lifestyle peculiar to themselves. Mecca where the Prophet was born and where Islam took its initial steps was a trading centre which had become of great import to many of the cities around it. Even though the Meccanites had met with economic success, there existed a spiritual and social gap in their lives. They did not follow the survivalist doctrines of the Bedouins but were following a variety of Gods that were introduced by external parties. Socially also the Meccan were in a difficult place, their urban society had became degenerate with little respect for many basic human rights.

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