Sample Essay

Just recently, the US plans to increase its troop in the Afghan region and what hinders the US progress in Afghanistan is language barrier. According to Coronel Jim Helis, the shortage of translators and interpreters was an issue (as cited by Leigh, 2009). Many Afghans work as translators for the US officers stationed in Afghanistan. In the NATO headquarters alone, there is a a need for Afghan interpreter and translator specifically on the translation of highly technical military information.

The importance of Afghan translators provided by private contractors comes into picture when US or NATO soldiers need to communicate with Afghan villagers. Effective translation is important since it has direct influence to the efforts by NATO and the US-led coalition (Synovitz, 2008). It allows innocent civilians not to be implicated in the attacks and Taliban fighters to be targeted and arrested quickly. Afghan translators are needed since they are cognizant of the Afghan culture. They know about the tribal value system. They are able to build mutual trust. Nick Grono (as cited by Synovitz, 2008), the deputy president of the International Crisis Group, believes that a good translator can help prevent air strikes on innocent civilians, like the bombing on October, 2009 of a village in Herat Province which killed 90 civilians.

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