Sample Essay

Five forces model of Michael Porter focus on the threat of new entrants, buyers’ power, suppliers’ power, substitutes’ threats and competitors’ rivalry
These factors for MTV strategic frame work can be assessed as under:

Production: MTV produces the content and programming where as the advertisers and viewers are the providers of revenue.

Operations: Music distribution is done by cable television operators.

Marketing: MTV get payment from artists or music companies to feature their music videos and other programs. Also, advertisers pay company to feature their products. The advertising revenue and other marketing sources enhance profitability.

Financial situation: Finance managers face a wide array of challenges, opportunities and options to enhance the investing and financing activities of the organization in complex and challenging media industry. The task is to explore the choices and take benefit of the prospects while taking concern in managing the threats.

Stakeholders’ role: MTV management need to perform classification of the stakeholders; prioritization of the stakeholders; understand their viewpoints and to integrate their perspectives to the future plans of the organization.

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