Sample Essay

Substitute ‘Irish’ for ‘Muslim’, and this would hold true for the current scenario in UK, in light of the operation of the Terrorism Act 2006.  Meant to provide more security and ways of fighting terrorism, these amendments have taken in a turn for the worse, reducing public confidence in security and the governing apparatus. Most of these regulations have been widely criticized by civil rights associations, public bodies and the general population in common.

To subdue this negative emotion, the government employs mass media as an effective weapon. Used as a widespread propaganda model, the media is fabricating stories and issues that serve an upper group, far above the general public, to their specific purpose, in introducing and justifying these laws and regulations to meet their own personal objectives.

In view of my opinion, security is crucial for every nation, however there is a fine line between the security of its nationals and respecting their privacy. Although there is definitely a tradeoff involved in the name of national interest, any measures devised should be within the governable boundaries respecting the privacy of its citizens, their ethnicities and their backgrounds. Freedom and independence in actions must be lived with responsibility ensuring the interests of anyone are not hampered.

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